About LA

About Los Angeles

Also known as the City of Angels, LaLa Land and the City of Cities! It’s most known for the Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica entertainment glitter and glamour – and that’s all true!  However, there’s also a vast, vibrant and diverse market and industry in LA and – often – one of the largest in the USA!  For Dutch entrepreneurs this means serious opportunities in the field of healthcare, sports, mobility, circular economy, creative and consumertech!

 The numbers below will speak for themselves! 

LA in Numbers

These large and diverse numbers provide a unique context with (un)imaginable challenges and possibilities.


People in Greater LA Area


Cities in LA County


Metropolitan Economy in the World


Landsize in Sq. Miles


Trillion GDP


NL Entreprises in LA

The entrepreneurial heart of California

The Silicon Beach

Los Angeles stands out as a prominent hub for venture capital, hence the self-proclaimed name “The Silicon Beach” of California. Within its vibrant ecosystem, numerous startups in cleantech, consumertech, sportech, mediatech, greentech, and healthtech sectors find their origin in LA.


But that’s not all – It champions sustainability through stringent green standards and ambitious initiatives, spearheading a movement towards a cleaner, greener future. And with thriving sectors in healthcare, creative industries, sports, and circularity, LA is a true powerhouse across the board!


Los Angeles

Meet the NBSO LA Team

The NBSO LA is an integral part of the Dutch Economic Network in the USA consisting of the Embassy, Consulates and NBSO’s. Therefore our services are in general free-of-charge and exclusively accessible for Dutch entrepreneurs.

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